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Wallspiration Poly Raumsituation

Wallspiration Poly – that is strong content, a polycarbonate structure and potent typography combined with modern design.

Exclusive processing technology

The neon orange core of this wall object reminds us of a beehive. Rather it’s made of the transparent plastic polycarbonate encased in Plexiglas. The typography can be printed in front of or behind the core. This changes the perception of writing and color depending on the point of view. The vibrant polycarbonate structure creates a unique interaction between light and typography. This never-seen-before material will definitely attract attention.

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Kann, will, muss

We can achieve a lot. Oftentimes we can do more than we would have thought ourselves capable of. Some things become easier with a bit of encouragement. Other things just come to us naturally because we want to accomplish them. And some things just have to be done. This quote is the perfect motivation for every wall.

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