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Make a statement! The ebook is on the advance – printed books vanish by and by and with them the bookshelf, which has always been both a status symbol and an intellectual statement. GROH Design Wallspirations offer a new way to express yourself.

Uniqueness in design and material

The honeycomb-like construction of these Wallspirations made from Polycarbonate somehow reminds us of a beehive. Or a bunch of straws. A unique interplay between light and typography occurs. Here you can find out what’s in and behind a Wallspiration Poly.

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A different use of Alu-Dibond

You may know aluminium Dibond from galleries or poster printing, where photos are masked onto the material. We leave the sheets pure – either in glossy black or white or with a matte silver finish – and print the typography on them.

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Paper has never been so inspiring

Texts that make you think – our Wallspirations offer much fodder for everyone looking for motivation and inspiration. Cleverly enacted lines are printed on thick binder’s board and are a real highlight on every wall.

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