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The person that asks for nothing, gets nothing! We take it literally when someone says: “Don’t get me anything!”. Here are gifts for people that wished for nothing. Really nothing? Absolutely!

Take me everywhere you go!

An empty bag has endless possibilities. What will you fill it with? Shopping, clothes, sunglasses, a book, laptop, smartphone and much more can fit here.These tote bags, with their original designs, aren’t just practical – they look great too.

Stamp it, pimp it, give it!

Quick, easy, individual: You’ll be stamping gifts, invitations, letters, gift paper and anything else you can imagine in no time at all with a very personal message.

A lot of fuss over nothing

Nothing inspire more than nothing. Philosophers knew this. Aristotle, Plato and Sartre made it their life’s work. We aren’t comparing ourselves to these great thinkers, but nothing is important to us too: We reinterpret nothing. With irony and wit.