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Inspiration through Design. We have had many ideas and followed our instincts. Guided by a dream to create products which are unique and inspirational. Find out more about GROH Design here.

Produktwelt Nichts Notizbücher

What is GROH Design?

From Stuttgart, via New York to Basel. Our path has led us to conventions, exhibitions and museums. On the way we’ve swapped ideas with designers, artists and scholars . Every one had ideas, suggestions and tips.

And so began a two year labour of love. In the words of Mark Twain “Explore. Dream. Discover” we planned, organised and designed. What started as a tender bud has flowered beautifully. Explore the fruits of our labour in a new world of products.

The exclusive GROH Design product trio and its philosophy

Text, design and material form a unit at GROH Design. Content unites with the beauty of the form. Message and design form a whole. This philosophy applies to all products.

At the heart of the collection are our Wallspirations. With inspiring and sometimes provocative texts you can make a statement on your wall. The unique Wallspirations Poly with their striking honeycomb structure and the elegant Wallspirations AD are limited. The extraordinary Wallspirations Paper combine a traditional screen printing and cool design.

Our notebooks inspire with statements you have to look at from two different sides. With useful product features they are the perfect companion.

Last but not least, GROH Design offers NOTHING – you can find notebooks, stamps, tote bags, boxes and gift vouchers for the person who wants NOTHING and needs NOTHING.